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How To Map Network Drives With Group Policy ... with video

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How To Map Network Drives With Group Policy

Map Network Drives With Group Policy

In this example, I’m going to map a network drive for User1.
The folder i will map is named " Map Drive folder1 " and is stored in a server named " Exch-01" with the IP address
It will be mapped with label " Drive1".
I am using computer with IP address

1- Create the folder named " Map Drive folder1 " in the server.
2- Share this folder with permission to user1

3- Configure the folder security to allow user1 to access it.

4- Open Group Policy Management Editor.
5- Create a New Group Policy Object.
6- Name it " Map Drive1"

7- Navigate to User Configuration .... Preferences .... Windows Settings .... Drive Maps.

8- Select "Update" from Action

9- Enter the location " \\exch-01\Map Drive folder 1"

10- Enter "Drive1" as a label

11- Press OK.